インク本 2004

Ink Book

Produced by continuously screenprinting layers of Ink into a solid square print. I piled up the pages made solely of ink mass to create a book-shaped object that is 100% ink.
In this manner the ink can liberate itself from any form of support and stands on its own.

Looprint 2019-2021

What makes a work of art be what it is? What is there in between “finished” and “unfinished”? Looprint repeats a fixed process until that moment emerges.


編成立体平面作品 2008

Flat 3-D Compositions

An evolved form of Flat 3-D Panels, the Compositions are large-size works assembled on a floor surface. The illusion of rice fields in the countryside is strong, but the emphasis is on the significance of colour, and the way in which colours change in these works.

立体平面作品 2004

Flat 3-D Panels

I draw tiny dots on a silkscreen plate and, without moving the plate, I repeatedly print on them in various colours. Ink layers pile up on the dots to create 5-6 mm multicolour pillars that change colour according to the angle and height in which they are viewed. I got the idea from moth scales, or moss. It also relates to images of rice fields in my hometown.

Inducer 2016

“Inducer” Series

This series takes the production of heads with scales one step further.
Starting at No. 01, I introduce gradual changes in expression at every piece, following the numerical progression of the series. While I’m working on one piece, I come up with ideas for the next one.
Lately I have started to set ink directly on the support and incorporate glass and other materials.

削柱移植 20072012


I produce tiny ink pillars by screenprinting. Then I scrape off the pillars of ink from the substrate and, with a pair of tweezers, I transplant them on to a support material. I use mainly remnants of living creatures as support material. These works explore the link that exists between a natural item and a human act.

Salmon shell

滞在制作 20072015

In-situ Production

EArrive at a place, think, and create in that place. Explore what I can produce, and give it form.